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    Get in balance with your body

  • WHY?

    You are unique! Have your own lifestyle! So, personal support and advice are what you get!

    Personal approach, from start to finish

    Because everybody is different! (luckily :))

    You would like to eat in a healthy way? You want to change the fat into muscles? You would like to lose some weight? You are getting ready for a competition? You have tried several diets already? Getting little issues from your favorite sport/ meal?

    Nutrition and sports and stretching are super important to keep you mentally, physically, physiologically in good health.

    Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

    Getting back in shape and in balance with your body in a HEALTHY WAY and stay that way for good.


    I keep learning also thanks to Precision Nutrition, I stay up to date on extensive research on key nutrition and health topics.


    Certified Personal trainer Nasm - Ereps 4

    Sport is fun and important for your whole body and mind. I'll teach you how to practice/ progress correctly with respect on how you are built.

    Professional (private) fitness room - SION - Valais

    1 on 1 lesson - Duo/ partner lessons - 4 persons lessons

    Nutrition guidance? Personal training support? Stretching?


    What do you want? You tell me


    - Get toned and flexible

    - Get more muscles

    - Get leaner

    - Get stronger

    - ...

    - Get more energetic/ less tired

    - Get more healthy/ less ill

    - Get the good mindset

    - Get to know how to eat good for your body and our planet

    - ...



    ps: your argument is invalid... (but I appreciate your enthusiasm)



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    Due the current Covid-19 situation

    * Private lessons (maximum 2 persons) outside

    * Respect of distance

    * Disinfected mats + material (weights, steps,...) after every lesson

    * Kisses from distance

    *** Take care of yourself and your loved ones :) ***

  • International Certified Personal trainer NASM/

    Ereps 3, 4 & Precision nutrition Coach








































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