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    Get easy in balance with your body

  • WHY?

    You are unique! Have your own lifestyle! So, personal support and advice are what you get!

    Personal approach, from start to finish

    Because everybody is different! (luckily :))

    You would like to eat in a healthy way? You want to change the fat into muscles? You would like to lose some weight? You are getting ready for a competition? You have tried several diets already? Getting little issues from your favorite sport/ meal?

    Nutrition and sports are super important to keep you mentally, physically, physiologically in good health.

    Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

    Getting back in shape and in balance with your body in a HEALTHY WAY and stay that way for good.


    I keep learning also thanks to Precision Nutrition, PROCOACH, I stay up to date on extensive research on key nutrition and health topics.

    Nutrition coaching: https://procoach.app/soulise

    Certified Personal trainer Nasm - Ereps 4

    Sport is fun and important for your whole body and mind. I'll teach you how to practice/ progress correctly with respect on how you are built.

    Nutrition guidance? Personal Training sessions? Package?


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